Stump Grinding Adelaide

All Suburbs Stump Removal is a customer focused Adelaide business determined to provide you with an outstanding tree stump grinding service.

Our 20 years of experience, has given us a full understanding of every aspect of tree stump removal. There’s no substitute for experience. Tree stump grinding is our specialty – it’s all that we do.

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Tree Stump Grinding Adelaide

Termites / white ants

If termites / white ants are discovered in the centre of a tree stump, we highly recommend grinding out the stump to prevent them spreading to your house.

Termites will secretly eat up the middle of a tree or stump and establish a nest. It’s from these ‘tree nests’ that termites forage out in search of a large supply of food – your house! Typically, termite nests are found in the stump where the roots spread out from the tree.

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Termites in Tree Stump

What’s left behind?

A common question we get asked by customers is ‘what will be left over after tree stump grinding?’

The tree stump’s compacted fibres are torn apart by the tungsten carbide cutting teeth of the stump grinder. The stump grinding mulch that’s created is fluffed up and aerated, greatly increasing its volume. If nature is left to take its course, the volume of mulch will reduce by about a third within a few weeks. The stump grinding mulch begins to decompose, returning the wooden fibre back to the earth naturally. Most customers choose to spread the mulch over their gardens to help the soil retain moisture, which helps plants to grow.

PLEASE NOTE: It’s not recommended to put the mulch against a house slab or footings, as it will create a termite or white ant highway to your home.