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All Suburbs Stump Removal

All Suburbs Stump Removal is a professional, owner-operator business dedicated to undertaking all stump removal work and  providing superior customer service. With 20 years’ experience, you can rest assured that we do the job right. Our compact grinder will fit through mosts gates – enabling us to access, grind and remove all your old tree stumps.

We cover the whole of Adelaide – All Suburbs. Please call 0458 000 505 for a prompt, same day response.

Tree Stump Removal Adelaide

Top 10 reasons for stump removal

  1. Stumps pose an eyesore for your garden
  2. Stumps attract termites / white ants to your home
  3. Stumps can cause injuries to loved ones from trips & falls
  4. Stumps can devalue your home – especially large stumps
  5. Stumps can damage lawn mowers – costing you $$$
  6. Stumps are havens for creepy crawlies & snakes
  7. Stumps can reshoot constantly & damage pipes
  8. Subdividing a block? All stumps must be removed
  9. Stumps take up precious space in your yard
  10. Stump removal improves your lawn’s appearance

Why we quote in person

  • To check if the access is sufficient
  • The type of tree stump determines the hardness of the wood, therefore the amount of time it takes to grind
  • The type of tree stump determines how big the root ball is
  • The type of tree determines whether the stump must be poisoned first and ground out later (to prevent the roots sending up suckers all over the yard)
  • So you can meet me in person – first impressions are lasting (you wouldn’t let just anyone on or around your property)
Stump Removal Quoting

Measurement for each quote is taken from the widest diameter of the stump at ground level.